The following table is a 'quick look' table containing publishers of assessments (formal and informal assessments), therapy materials and books. The list is not exhaustive and many new products are introduced (and some withdrawn), so please visit the individual web sites for more information. There are also tools available fro preventative / screening by other professionals which are not listed here. Also note that speech and language therapists are primarily interested in phonology in terms of speech, rather than literacy, although these are of course related.

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Responsive Table by CosCulture

Domain/Publisher Assessments Language Speech/Phonology Phonological Awareness Pragmatics Bilingualism
Black Sheep Press

FLAC Polish, Spanish, Slovak, Lithuanian.
Therapy: Welsh, Irish.
GL assessment

BPVS3; NRDLS* PhAB *Multilingual Toolkit

Bilingual Speech Sound Screen: Pakistani Heritage Languages
STASS Publications STAP, STASS, DASS. CROSS, Phonological assessment procedure.


None listed
Pearson PLS4-UK, DEAP, PIPA DEAP includes norms for bilingual children from Pakistani heritage backgrounds.
Wiley An extensive selection of academic texts on SLCN
Winslow Resources Including the Renfrew Language Scales: Action Picture Test, Bus Story and Word Finding Vocabulary Test